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The main four project objectives are:

1.To develop a NATO integrated R&D Concept and Model (R&DCM) as an incremental tool for the improvement of the national R&D management system, which includes the following tasks:

  • To develop a methodology for further scientific analysis and research on the topic
  • To explore NATO and developed countries best practices and regulations
  • To explore Defence Industry Transformation processes in Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia
  • To formulate a Concept for Management of Security Related R&D in Support of Defence Industrial Transformation
  • To formulate a Model for Management of Security Related R&D in Support of Defence Industrial Transformation
  • To standardize continually information available according to NATO AC/135 in order to integrate assets and capabilities into the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL )

2.To develop and strengthen the common policy framework of internationally coordinated R&D policy in the defence industry sector as a prerequisite for steady economic growth and effective security. The policy framework has to be accepted politically and based on a stable relationship between Armed Forces and Defence Industry. It has to be coordinated with the operational requirements, defence industrial capabilities, and the capacity of R&D management as an instrument for re-engineering their balance.

3. To elaborate a Defence R&D Management Network for Scientific Cooperation (NfSC) in the SE European region. Such a network will facilitate the development of further international agreements, regulations, contracts, and partnership in the sphere within the Atlantic Alliance and the framework of already existing international organizations and forums. It will promote cooperation and specialization, help to exploit potential synergies and skills and prevent illegal development, production and export of armament.

The process of knowledge sharing throughout the NfSC as well as the studies based on the R&DC Model will be supported by establishing a database with appropriate structure and procedures.

4. To establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for training and educating practitioners and young researchers of the participating nations in the use of modern methods, practices and tools in the sphere of R&D management in support of the Defence Industrial Sector transformation by means of information/information exchange, seminars, training, modern IT and distance education.