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Project Structure

The project will be implemented in three phases:

1. During the first phase (12 months) the analytical part of the project will be accomplished. Teaching materials for education of practitioners and young researchers will be prepared and tested. The Project organization will make first steps to establish a Network for Scientific Cooperation for Defence R&D Management in the SEE and Black Sea Region.

The analytical part of the project will include analyses in the following directions: currently used procedures for defence operational requirements formulation and defence industrial capabilities identification, and the existing capacity of R&D management in the defence industrial sector of the participating nations. Based on the results of the analyses a new, NATO compatible Concept and Model for Defence R&D Management (R&DCM) will be developed. The teaching materials will cover topics on parameters of a new R&DCM and on modern methods, practices and tools in the sphere of the R&D management in support of the Defence Industrial Sector transformation.

Parallel to the Concept research during Phase I the Network System Architecture, the Network Technical Architecture and database Logical Model will be set-up. Integrated development of the Network Activities and database Design will assure the interoperability between Project Partners.Procedures, interaction and a specified set of requirements will be set up during this phase. The Network and database will be installed and tested. They will be adapted to NATO standards according to NATO AC/135 and deliverables for the NMCRL will be transferred sequentially. The NfSC’s public web-space will be provided by an internet site of the project, which will include the mailing list of the partners and end-users. The project web-page will use the standard NATO SfP header and footer and title, according to § 6.4 (Publications and Visibility of SfP Projects) of the “guidelines for projects”. The site and mailing list will be established and maintained by UNWE-Sofia during the first three months of the Phase I.

2. During the second phase (12 months) a Centre of Excellence in Defence Industry Transformation and Integration will be established and a set of information exchanges, seminars and negotiations will take place. Bulgarian, Romanian and Macedonian practitioners and young researchers will attend these meetings. They will discuss the new R&DCM, new methods, practices and tools in the sphere of R&D management and parameters of the Network for Scientific Cooperation. As a result of the discussions the R&DCM will be further developed and installed in the participating nations. The first seminar in the near CoE is planned for the end of the second phase.

3. During the third 12 months partners will organize a set of advanced seminars on the same topics. In addition to selected participants from the second phase, practitioners and young researchers from SEE and the Black Sea region will participate in these seminars. This will widen and enhance the network of cooperation in defence R&D. The Centre of Excellence will co-ordinate the educational activities including the web-based modern IT training and distance education. Through the day-to-day discussions with partners and with end-users the R&DCM will be finally improved and installed as a centrepiece for the coordinated transformation of national defence industries.