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Prof. D.Sc. Stoian Markov

Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Markov
Institute for Parallel Processing
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Stoyan Markov is a Professor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Doctor of Science awarded for the thesis “High Performance Computer Systems”, 1989.
Prof. Stoyan Markov is Head of “Mathematical Methods for Sensor Information Processing” Department.
1967-1971 Research and Project Institute of Automation (NIPIA)
1971-1972 Deputy Director of the Computer Center, Ministry of Chemistry
1975-1976 Deputy Head of Management Department at the Council of Ministers
1976-1979 First Deputy Minister of Telecommunication
1980-1985 Associate Professor, Central Institute for Computer Research and Design
1979-1985 Secretary of State of Electronic Industry
1985-1991 Deputy Director of the Centre for Information and Computer Science at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1986-1988 First Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Research and Technology
1988-1990 Chairman of the State Committee of Standardization
1990-1991 Guest professor at the Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev, Ukraine
1992-1993 Guest professor at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland
1993-1994 Consulting scientist of signal processing and image treatment, Salonika, Greece
1995-2000 Chairman of CROWN-SAPI Holding AG.
2001 Visiting Scientist, CERN, Switzerland
01.11.2004 Professor at the Institute for Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1982 Awarded the National Scientific Prize Winner in Computer Science