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Heinrich Buch

Heinrich Buch
Colonel G.S.(ret.)
Dipl.sc.pol., cand. PhD
Teaching International Politics at
Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen
1940,19 Oct
born in Pforzheim, Germany
1959 joins the Bundeswehr, Army, Airborne Infantry
1972-1974 15th Army General Staff Course, Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg
1974-1976 Institute for Security Policy, Assistant to LtGeneral Prof. Count of Baudissin
1977-1979 Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Assistant to Prof.Dr. Haftendorn, chair International Politics
1979 Degree of Diplom-Politologe at the University of the City of Hamburg
1979-1981 G3 Defence Policy and Strategy (INF, Net Assessment), Federal Armed Forces Office for Studies and Exercises, Bergisch Gladbach
1981-1983 MOD Bonn, Planning Staff of the Minister, desk officer for Strategic Arms Control: INF and SALT/START, White Paper (1982) 1983
1984-1989 Deutscher Bundestag, Bonn, Minority Staff Leader Armed Services: Forces, Armaments and Budget Planning
1990 NATO Defence College Rome, Senior Course 76, Committee 8
1990-1994 NATO-HQ Brussels, Staff of the German Military Representative, NATO Military Committee: Head Department 6 (WEU) and German Rep ARMY BOARD of NATO’s Military Agency for Standardization; supervision of all German Army delegations to NATO’s operational standardization working parties. Chairman for “Allied Joint Operations Doctrine” (AJP-1) and for ”NATO Standardization Doctrine” (NAC-approved), contributions to NATO Command Structure and STANAVFORMED.
1993-1994 WEU-HQ Brussels, Member of the Permanent Western European Union Council, German Deputy Military Delegate: leading contributor for NATO-WEU Embargo Operation SHARP GUARD (Adriatic Sea), for the WEU Embargo Operation on the Danube and for the WEU Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) concept.
1994-1998 Head of the German Military Operations Research Division in Ottobrunn near Munich, Amt für Studien und Übungen der Bundeswehr: Concept “armed forces in the information age” (1994), commissioner for all German military simulation and combat simulation tools, responsible to MOD for the operational staff and industrial studies of the Bundeswehr; international cooperation in combat simulation and NATO – RTO / SAS-Panel.
since 1999 retired
1999-2007 Academic publications, security policy and defence analyses
Studies: MOD, NATO-NC3A, EU-Commission, industry
Consultant: industry and politics
Academic teaching for the ESDP-seminars (2004-2007) at the chair for International Politics of the Universität der Bundeswehr München.