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Session I:
Smart Defence / Pooling and Sharing – NATO and EU approaches
“European Security and Defence in a Time of Crisis”
Mr. Andrey Kovatchev
Vice-chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs
“The NATO Smart Defence Priorities”
Mr. Georges D’Hollander
General Manager NATO, NC3 Agency
“Civil-Military Aspects of Capability Development”
Mr. Philipp Agathonos
Security Policy Directorate, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austria
“Pooling and Sharing: Ideas Whose Time Has Come?”
Prof. Zaneta Ozolina
University of Latvia, Riga
“Future Transatlantic Bargains: Implications for Smart Defence?”
Dr. Graeme Herd
Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland
Session II:
NATO/EU Regional Initiatives for Cooperation and Good Practices 
“Participation of Bulgaria in MN Defence Projects”
Mr. Valentin Radev, PhD
Deputy Minister of Defence, Bulgaria
“NATO Regional Defence and Industrial Cooperations”
Mr. Svetoslav Spassov, PhD
Advisor of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria
“Challenges for the Smart Defence Initiative on Regional Level”
Presentation’s Text

Col. Dr. Holger Bahle
NATO Defence Planning and Smart Defence Team
“IBM – Bridging the Collaboration Gap”
Mr. Frans J. H. Picavet, Major General NL Army
IBM NCO NATO Representative
“SAP Solution Strategy For Defence Organizations”
Mr. Boytcho Dellevsky, Managing Director
SAP – Bulgaria
“Barriers to the Implementation of the ‘Smart Defence’ Concept”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Tagarev
Head of Centre for Security and Defence Management IICT–BAS
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Venelin Georgiev
Centre for Security and Defence Management, IICT–BAS
“Human Dimension of Science and Technology Cooperation in NATO – Bulgarian Viewpoint”
Capt Navy. Prof. DS.c. Yantsislav Yanakiev,
Director of Defence Advanced Research Institute (DARI)
“G.S. Rakovski National Defense Academy”, Bulgaria
Col. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zaharin Markov
“G.S. Rakovski National Defense Academy”, Bulgaria
“Smart Defence in Central and Southeast Europe”
Dr. Matthew Rhodes
Professor of National Security Studies
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
“The Role ?nd Participation of the Institute of Catalysis, BAS to the National R&D Defence Strategy”
Prof. Sl. Rakovski
Director of the Institute of Catalysis, BAS
Session III:
Future Dimensions of CEE/SEE Smart Defence Cooperation 
“Cyber Defence Cooperation in CEE/SEE”
Gen. Rumen Milanov
Advisor of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria
“Mechanisms for Regional Cooperation in the Area of Defence and Security”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov,
Head of Department ‘National and Regional Security’, UNWE-Sofia
Sen. Assist. Prof. Dr. Georgi Penchev,
Department ‘National and Regional Security’, UNWE-Sofia*Note: The Interactive Maps of three Co-operations from this presentations are available here.
“Development of Capabilities for Crisis management in Support of  Regional Cooperation”
Prof. Col. Mitko Stoykov,
“G.S. Rakovski” National Defense Academy, Bulgaria
Lt.Col. Orlin Nikolov
MoD, Bulgaria
“Achieving Efficiencies and Interoperability through Long-Term Human Capital Investment: The Role of Information and Communications Technology”
Mr. Arnold C. Dupuy
Virginia Tech University, USA
“Multinational  Approach to Medical Support in Operations and Missions – The Experience of Military Medical Academy”
Col. A. Parashkevov, MD
Maj. Gen. Prof. St. Tonev, MD, PhD
Col. Assoc. Prof. K. Ramshev, MD, PhD
Lt. C. K. Kanev, MD
Military Medical Academy–Sofia
“Capabilities of Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydro and Aerodynamics Centre to Contribute, Cooperate and Participate in MN Projects”
Prof. D.Sc. Stefan Vodenicharov,
Director of the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydroaerodynamics Center “Acad. Angel Balevski”
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
“View on development of Romanian military and Industrial capabilities in relationship with NATO and EDA”
Mr. Viorel Manole, M.Sc.
Executive Director of the Romanian Business Association of the Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL)

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