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New CoE Training Room

The new training room for the Centre of Excellence is ready

The training room is equipped with nine workstations and it is near to the video-conferencing room which was established earlier (see tests of equipment ).

All of workstations into the training room are with same hardware and software. They are double boot (Windows Vista / Fedora 10) book-size computers with standard office packages, statistics software based on R statistical programming language and project management software. The workstations have wireless network connection to the Internet.
It is the first version of the room. Future improvements (planned for the early summer) includes multimedia, sound and connection to the EVO video conferences.

The installation of the software on the all computers (nine in training room and four in other three CoE’s rooms) was very easy using the Clonezilla Server . The Clonezilla is running on Fedora 10 installed on the virtual machine. The host machine for this and for many other virtual machines is IBM x3400 Server with Vmware ESXi Hypervisor for virtualization.

You can follow the process of hard disks cloning by the photo gallery below.

Preparing “the Original” Copy for “Clonings

Coping the disk of the one workstation (on the table) to the virtual machine installed on the IBM x3400  Server (parallel to the wall).

On the left are two video servers of the CoE video-conference room.

Connecting and Disk Cloning 


Workstations were connected with a switch to the server in video-conference room.

Fortunately the two rooms are very near – literally the training room is in the next door.

Ready! Take out the Bunch of Cables!

After about 90 minutes and about 40 GB/per machine simultaneously transfered to all nine workstations we were very happy to see nine ready-to-use exactly-the-same workstations!

Thank you Clonezilla! Thank you IBM! Thank you Vmware ESXi! And thanks to all new technologies which save us time and efforts!

After all it is a good lesson to learn (and to teach) in the project related to development and implementation of new technologies!


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