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SfP-982063 International Conference, 14-15 May 2009, Sofia

Under the framework of the NATO project SfP-982063 International Conference will be organised in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14-15 May 2009. The topic of the Conference is Business and Science for Security and Defence Industrial R&D.

The Conference on Security and Defence R&D Management will:

  • Discuss the applicable, sustainable and realistic policies, concepts and models for R&D management in support of defence industry transition, which has to provide co-ordination with NATO and EU requirements;
  • Give recommendations for harmonization of the national priorities and R&D policy;
  • Find ways for implementation of IT solutions in support of R&D Management Model and provide framework for further development of educational and training packages;
  • Present the role of the Business and the Science in Defence Industrial R&D.

Please, find hereafter all the necessary information about the Conference.
Do not hesitate to contact the organising committee if you have further questions.

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